Why choose YEO?

When you walk in to a good room, it should make you stop, say ‘wow’ and then dive in and use it like you own it. Because, hopefully, you do.

We’re like all the other top tier, designer-magazine-featured, ‘innovative’ living space companies out there. But we’re more. YEO gives you what’s missing from other design studios. We’re as good at our craft as any out there, but we come with an edge.

That’s because we’re from Cornwall, where the north Atlantic swell and gales shape more than just the cliffs. And they take some shaping. So did we.

So with YEO, you’ll get a bit of the wild thrown in. We’ll add it to your home so you can sit on it, open doors to it, eat on it, make spontaneous love against it (or to it, it’s your cutlery drawer), invite friends and enemies around to drool over it, rock out in it.

Made in Britain

YEO make everything right here in Britain in our 25,000sqft production facility on the North Cornwall and Devon border. Our master craftsmen may still brandish a well-chewed pencil behind the ear, be covered in sawdust and sporting some spectacular splinters but, with impressive ease, they’ll also deftly manipulate the cutting-edge technology that sits pride of place in our workshop.