Who are you in the kitchen?

2: The Popty Pinger

As satisfying as the pop of a champagne cork, the pop of a microwavable meal as you stab the film. This is all the prep you’re ever going to endure.

How annoying is it when you have to stop cooking halfway through, just to add a tablespoon of water or stir it a bit? You definitely do not bother that all that fuss. You just go straight on through.

Six minutes is the maximum cooking time. This gives you just enough time to rinse last night’s plate and fork and polish off your G&T (who doesn’t have a tipple while cooking?).

If you spot a new microwaveable meal in Marks & Spencer’s that takes eight minutes to cook, then it doesn’t even go in to your basket.

That’s just ridiculous. 

You can go from ping to plate like you’re at a Formula One pitstop. None of that ‘stand for a minute’ nonsense.

And yes, it’s piping hot, you know what you’re doing thank you very much! (But what exactly is ‘piping’ hot anyway?)

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