Bore off with your colour of the year!

Pantone has announced that the Colour of the Year 2020 is Classic Blue. Eh? Classic yawn. And anyway, hold back those paint brushes for one sec there, because didn’t Dulux already proclaim that the Colour of the Year 2020 is Tranquil Dawn? Well, it may as well be Turgid Dank. Who are we to believe? Can you really have more than one Colour of the Year 2020? Err, it seems that way. There are, in fact, at least 23 different colours of 2020 so far. 

Admittedly, Pantone were the first off the mark 13 years ago when they first unveiled their emperor’s new accent colour. So, apparently, we all had Chili Pepper 19-1557 kitchen cupboards in 2007, yeah? Remember that?

Undaunted by the apparent irrelevancy of this utterly blatant marketing ploy, several other large American paint companies decided to get their own pots in a tizz and invent their own sometimes completely different yet often quite similar essential swatches.

Now we have the annual joys of huge corporates like Sherwin Williams and PPG having their very own sub-brands compete with each other.

So, while we the core Sherwin Williams brand declaring that a distinctly dark blue ‘Naval’ is the colour of the 2020, they also have their HGTV Home brand argue that the distinctly pink ‘Romance’ is actually THE colour you’re looking for. Not content with that, their other other sub-brand Valspar has gone crazier than a fish with tits and spewn no less than 12 different shades all over the place in one shot. 

Now when you Google ‘what’s the latest colour trend?’ just be mindful of the sponsored ad results or journalists and influencers all singing from the same press release.

Here’s a radical thought we had: why not go against the trend? Who’s your home for? Are you picking the colour to please yourself or your Instagram followers? Do you want exactly the same design as the fashion victim nextdoor? Why not pick your own colour of the year? Pick a paint that makes you happy. Go for your unbridled instinct and work it like no-one else. 

And anyway, they’re all wrong, because this year (and every other year for that matter) the colour of the year is orange. Orange is hardly ever anyone’s favourite colour. We bloody love it. It makes us buzz. So we put a pop of orange everywhere it’s inappropriate. We’re not all that fussy on tones or shades, but the brighter the better. 

So, f**k Dulux – their dawn might be tranquil but ours is always Caffeine Breath and that ain’t never gonna change.

Go live your own colour of your year and paint your whole town with it while you’re at it.  

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