How does YEO work?

Challenge us with your ideas and we’ll start making them real.

We’ll manage the whole process for you, whether you’re looking at just one room, the whole house or a multi-property project. Once we’ve made everything, fitted it for you, cleaned up after ourselves (honestly) we’ll then smother you with our loving aftercare. We’re not the love ‘em and leave ‘em type.

So go for it. Come and see us, let’s talk about it some more. >>

What happens next?

After we’ve first met you, we’ll draw up the design ideas we chatted about. We’ll then show you what we’ve come up with and, if we manage to get you as excited as we are (we’re sure you will be), then the job’s on and the first payment’s due. Once the design fee is paid, the drawings are then yours and we get busy planning the next steps…

We’ll fill in all the detail on the design, sort out which materials we’re using, what appliances we’re installing and firm up what’s happening and when. 

After we’ve agreed a payment plan with you and signed the contract between us, we’ll usually ask for half the total cost of the project now so we can begin the production process. We’ll sort everything with our contractors, ensure everyone’s happy and communication’s smooth.

From this point it’s an average of 12 weeks until everything’s beautifully fitted and ready for you to have us over for a drink…

Take a look at some of the stunning homes YEO have worked on >>